Community Involvements

Generations recognizes the importance of being active members of the community and often advocates for the children and seniors we serve.   Community involvement is important to us  at Generations and our staff serves on numerous committees and boards to help to improve services to families. Both our President and our Program/Operations Manager are active members of the Early Childhood Development Initiative. This organization, comprised of more than thirty community partners, has as part of it’s mission statement, to “serve as a catalyst of change by promoting significant, broad-based and steadfast community commitment to improving the quality and accessibility of quality early care and education.” An example of Generations’ involvement include bussing parents and advocates to Albany to educate law makers on the importance of quality early care.

Other efforts to support those in need include participation in the United Way annual campaign and beyond the local community partnering with with the nonprofit organization, Joining Hearts and Hands, to raise funds to educate children in Kenya. We chose Joining Hearts and Hands, in an effort to provide our children with the experience of understanding that when many people work together, you can accomplish a larger goal. As a partner with JH&H, our children help raise funds in a number of ways. Throughout the year bottles and cans are collected and brought to our centers to be cashed in with funds going to JH&H. Additionally, children will put on special events such as bake sales or theatrical plays to further support our effort. Our goal of raising money to build an early education school in Kenya gets closer every day. You can learn more about Joining Hearts and Hands by visiting their website.