Generations’ Difference

There is not just one thing that sets Generations apart from the rest.  Rather, it is a combination of many qualities and attributes that make the overall experience a positive one.

Generations’ Core Values

Generations builds its environment around its core values: Dedication, Innovation, Professionalism, Responsibility and Trustworthiness.  We are dedicated to fulfilling our mission every day.  Through innovation we continually seek and embrace new ideas that strengthen our programs.  We model respect, teamwork and good judgement to prove our professionalism, and take pride in what we do.  It is our responsibility to be held accountable to our parents, children, staff and community.  We prove that we are trustworthy by acting with integrity at all times.  Our staff strive to emanate these qualities while our programs reflect them on a day to day basis.

Generations’ Learning Experience

At Generations we carefully developed our own in-house curriculum.  Using the knowledge and experience of our staff coupled with elements of High Scope Curriculum and its “key developmental indicators,” we molded a unique program we call our Branching Out Curriculum.

Each week our curriculum theme changes and influences our weekly activities. Branching out applies across all our age groups and is tailored appropriately for the age of the classroom.  We believe in play-based learning, especially in the early years.  We offer an environment that fosters curiosity, creativity and growth.

Activities and field trips

Generations incorporates community resources into our programming by planning regular field trips with our School-age children. Visiting all our community has to offer extends the learning the children are doing in the classroom. Hands on experience at places like local farms and museums, libraries, theater and musical events takes children’s knowledge to a higher level.

Generations has well trained, caring staff

New York State requires child care staff to attend 15 hours of training annually and Generations goes beyond that. Accredited through The National Early Childhood Program Accreditation means that our staff participate in 24 hours of annual training. With our extra training hours our staff are versed in current research in best early care and education practices.

Generations cares about safety

Nothing matters more than keeping your child safe. From first aid training for emergency situations to ensuring a clean and healthy environment for children, Generations works to ensure best practice. Generations Nurse visits each center to offer guidance and mentoring. She trains and mentors staff in areas such as daily health checks and hand washing, medication and first aid administration. Monthly safety inspections are completed and every playground is inspected daily to ensure equipment is in proper working order.

Generations transportation services

Generations offers busing to and from our programs for families who don’t have their own transportation and who live within our transportation area. This critical service enables families who could not otherwise access quality early childhood programs to participate in a rich learning environment that is safe and nurturing and committed to meeting family’s needs. Our transportation department is staffed by drivers who are licensed to operate school buses and monitors who are trained to work with young children. Buses are supplied with specially designed harnesses or car seats to ensure the safety of such precious cargo.

Generations participates in the Child and Adult Care Food Program

Generations participates in the New York State Child and Adult Care Food Program.  This program affords us the opportunity to provide our children with a greater variety of nutritional foods as well as locally grown fruits and vegetables. All children need well-planned meals and snacks that provide a variety of foods and the nutrients needed for good health and energy. Cooks and classroom staff must participate in annual training on the food program and other aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Along with our centers being peanut free, alternative meals are provided to children with special food allergies.

Tuition Assistance

Generations strives to bring quality care to all families in the Rochester area, but understands that for some families that tuition costs can be unaffordable.  Hundreds of families have been able to enroll their children at Generations through the local available tuition assistance programs available.   Generations is able to support families in completing the necessary applications to pursue these tuition assistance programs.  Please reach out to our center Directors for more information on these programs.  

Further information is available at Monroe County: