Infant Care




At Generations, we look at infant care as an extension of your family. We understand how hard it is to find the right place to care for your new baby. Our program offers an environment that is unique to each infant’s needs while encouraging development along the way. We create an environment that is as similar to your home situation as possible, making this a seamless transition for you and the newest member of your family. We partner with our parents to incorporate the infant’s current routines and schedules into their care while at Generations.

Important aspects of an infant’s routine such as feeding and sleep are unique to each infant. Every infant receives one-on-one attention and care with individualized sleep and feeding schedules. Generations’ staff pays careful attention to the wellness and activity of each infant and reports to parents on all changes, development or growth. Lead Teachers plan activities to advance each child’s growth in five developmental areas. The toys and equipment in our infant classrooms are specially selected to engage and stimulate infants.

Above all, infant staff are available to talk with parents to share information and plan for care. The infant program provides a secure environment to help your infant grow and become a curious toddler!


  • Predictable daily routines
  • Guided free play
  • Individualized care plans
  • Activities based on major developmental categories 
  • Safe, nurturing, creative environment