Our intergenerational activities make us unique! This means children and seniors come together regularly to get to know each other, work on activities and share their thoughts. Both children and seniors benefit from these relationships in so many ways. Simply watching their faces is clear evidence of the joy created when the generations mingle. Generations is committed to bringing the young and old together.

Benefits of the Intergenerational Programming:

Enhanced Social skills: Interaction with older adults enhances communication skills, promotes self-esteem, develops problem-solving abilities, and fosters friendships across generations. Positive attitudes are developed regarding sense of purpose and community service.

Improves Academic Performance and Stimulates Learning: Intergenerational programs help increase school attendance and performance in our students. Students tutored by older adults make significantly greater gains in achievement test scores than other students.

Increases Stability: Children and youth gain positive role models with whom they can interact on a regular basis.