Pre-K & UPK



As children grow, interest in building skills for future success also grows. Generations is committed to preparing children for their school years by offering programming and curriculum in a way that young children learn best… through play! Generations designs experiences in several areas to provide both planned and spontaneous learning opportunities. Playing in the block center can help build math, physics and other science skills and concepts. Dramatic play helps children learn problem solving skills that builds on what they already know to develop more complicated concepts they can apply to other areas of life. Each interest area includes unique features to develop skills that four year olds need during this crucial learning time.

A child’s first attempts at forming shapes and letters are unforgettable and will be encouraged and guided by our caring staff. In this vital learning step, before your child enters kindergarten, letters and shape learning will be a focus. Explorations of the physical world will be part of our routine as well. Self-help and social skills will be a main focus to ensure children are successful learners while in a group of peers.

Generations incorporates the High Scope philosophy into our Pre-K curriculum. High Scope incorporates individual small group and large group activities. Teachers and children plan the day’s activities based on what they know and what the children want to learn. They then design experiences that build concept development in a concrete way.

Generations’ Pre-K program includes full day and part day options. Your child may attend five days a week or fewer based on the needs of your family.

Universal Pre-K and Expanded Pre-K

Generations offers State Ed funded free EPK (3 year old) and UPK (4 year old) programs in five of our locations. Children in the following districts are eligible for this six-hour program: The Fairport School District, The Gates-Chili School District and The Rochester City School District. Enrollment in an EPK or UPK program is beneficial for each child’s development and future school success. Research is clear that children who attend a quality program have better success throughout their school years.

Care is also available for before and after EPK/UPK, as well as school vacation days.

View Generations’ EPK/UPK classroom re-opening plans (English) (Spanish)


  • Meaningful school prep
  • Daily indoor & outdoor active play
  • Grow number skills, sequencing, relationships and pre-reading skills
  • Activities based on the children’s needs and interest
  • Focus on developing problem solving skills