Whether full day or part day based on your family’s needs, the activities and experiences planned during the preschool years will help children learn how to solve problems, make choices, and respect themselves as well as their friends.

To nurture curiosity and the love of learning we use art, music, large motor games, group activities, dramatic play, and language activities as part of the daily schedule. Language, math and science activities help build a foundation for future success. Children begin to learn about their community and appreciate the uniqueness they each hold. Each child is given individualized attention to help them grow and develop their cognitive abilities and motor skills.

Teachers encourage repetition of familiar activities and the schedule allows for such play to deepen skill development. Our “Branching Out” curriculum plan is based on the concrete knowledge preschoolers possess and builds from there. Each of our preschool rooms is equipped with detailed interest areas and challenging materials and equipment to foster cognitive growth.
As in all our classrooms, our dedicated staff discusses each child’s development progress with our parents.


  • High Scope Curriculum
  • Daily indoor & outdoor active play
  • Grow number skills, sequencing, relationships and pre-reading skills
  • Activities based on the children’s needs and interest
  • Focus on developing problem solving skills
  • Meaningful school prep
  • Dramatic play, sensory play, stories, music, art, technology