Toddler Program

Gates 2018 8

When children become toddlers, their communication and expression grows rapidly. They become more curious about their environment – all of the things they see, hear, touch, smell and taste! At Generations we nurture this curiosity and use art, music, sensory and cognitive experiences inside and outside the classroom to stimulate their toddler brains!

Teachers provide a balance of activities each day with both small group activities and opportunities for children to explore and make choices on their own. Our “Branching Out” curriculum, theme-based activity planning, ensures a well-rounded curriculum to help toddlers grow and develop. The toddler program focuses on play in key interest areas that encourage language, social and cognitive growth as well as motor skill development.

Our teachers interact with our children on their level, they will be on the floor engaging toddlers and extending their play ideas, encouraging the use of new words and building social skills. More challenging activities and materials will be introduced throughout the toddler years to foster development. Parents will enjoy having daily communication with teachers working with their toddlers as well as a written care sheet outlining meals, naps and diaper changes or toilet training progress and other key information.


  • Predictable daily routines
  • Guided Free Play
  • Potty Training support
  • Encourage of language Development of support Positive Peer of Interactions
  • Safe , Nurturing , Creative Environment